Monday, July 15, 2013

Bubblews Is A Scam--Super Pissed Off!

For all those out there who still think Bubblews is okay; beware. I was one of you up until just recently in the last month or so.

Let's start with the fact that they have THE World's WORST customer service. They don't answer anybody and they don't give a crap whether or not you get paid. They tell you that they're a FREE site and they're doing YOU a favor. Are you serious? So is every other revenue sharing site. You're not doing us a favor; you're not handing out money to us. You're reaping the rewards of what WE do. WE are doing YOU a favor by actually using your site. So don't give me that bull when people are asking questions about where their redemptions are.

I redeemed three times. Then, I made a recipe post (like almost every other person on here has done). I changed the wording on all of the recipe and even linked back to the original, NEVER taking credit for it. I had no idea anything was wrong; I redeemed and my redemption never came. I contacted Bubblews, no response. I wrote a post about being annoyed and finally they responded. Then, Bubblewssupport went on to ask me if the blog that I had linked to for the recipe was mine; I said no. I hadn't copied the recipe; I had referenced it just as you would a research paper by giving credit where it's due. After that, I never heard a single thing. EVER. AGAIN.

I posted once every so often on their account trying to figure out what the status was as to my account and my now TWO redemptions that had not been paid out to me. They had this stupid post on their account saying how people needed to stop "spamming" the profile. Well, excuse us for wanting the money that we deserve. Maybe if you guys actually responded to anything we wouldn't have to "spam" or "post" on your wall to begin with.

Apparently posting once every two weeks is considered spam? Cool. Bubblews you're just SOOO awesome in my eyes now.

I went to login to my old account on here, and it wouldn't login. It wouldn't show up that I existed. Looks like they deleted my account. And for no reason.

So, I'm just trying to warn everyone that I was in the same exact position as many of you are now; money was coming in and everything was fine. Until Bubblews screwed up. Once again, beware. It may seem great right now, but sooner or later they're going to rip you off. They stil owe me $50. Guess as soon as somebody is a liability here they delete their accounts.

If Bubblews doesn't have the money to do this little "experiment" of trying to be better than all the other revenue sharing sites, they need to come back to reality and stop lying to everyone saying they're doing fine.

Right now I have two words for Bubblews; it's not a very nice combination of words so I'll refrain from posting it on here, but I think you know what they are.

Thanks a lot Bubblews for lying to me! And stealing my time and money you still owe me! I will be sure to tell every person I know now that you are the worst website ever. I'll also start telling people that they need to start actually putting work into online writing; it's not "easy" like this site. This site will eventually go down the tubes because making money with adsense takes more time and patience. This is just a "quickie" to get money fast that will not be able to sustain itself for very long.. unless they keep scamming people of course.

I'm taking my writing elsewhere Bubblews.

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